App FAQs

First of all, congratulations and welcome to the ever-growing network of our app users! Now that you’ve downloaded the app, leave it open for a few moments and let it catch up on data (on a good WiFi connection). After a minute or two, check the brand menu on the left-hand side for the ‘Last updated’ date. Once it has updated, and is no older than a day, browse away!

If you tap the circular map icon in the top left of the map screen, you’ll see options for normal view, satellite view, and download offline maps. We recommend downloading offline maps while connected to WiFi before you travel out of range. This allows you to research all the different icons on the app offline, with the background of the map clearly visible. If you don’t have maps downloaded and you go offline, you can still see the icons, however the map itself becomes blurry and you can’t see the infrastructure. See screenshot below:

Downloading the maps does not open the maps in a new window, it only allows you to use the app offline and still see all the intricacies of the map. This is how the map looks online, and offline with the maps downloaded:



Please keep in mind that we update our information daily and are constantly adding new icons and disabling icons that are no longer available. Therefore, it’s important to connect the app to WIFI regularly for data updates to ensure you’re seeing the latest information.

During install the app will ask to access your device’s location. We recommend enabling location services for two reasons:

The first is so you can receive important location-based safety alerts to your device, such as severe weather warnings and real-time updates on road closures or bushfire updates etc.

The second is so you don’t miss out on exclusive Deals & Offers on accommodation and experiences near your current location – who doesn’t love a bargain while on the road? These alerts are only available to be seen when you are in the location, so hence why you will need the location turned on to receive them, otherwise you could miss out on a great offer nearby.

You don’t need to have it set to track “all the time”, just having it set to “while using the app” will be just fine to receive them too as long as you are using the app at that time in the destination.  

Also ensure you have notifications turned on so you can receive updates from these services. See the next FAQ with more on that.

The location services and the app notification services work together to ensure that you are receiving the most relevant notifications. Along with notifications about road conditions and safety updates such as for severe weather conditions & natural disasters like bushfire updates, occasionally you’ll hear from us about things like location specific offers, deals and also updates about when we launch competitions and surveys too. Go to Settings in the top left menu to apply your notification preferences for Deals, Messages, Recommendations and Warnings. You may need to check your phone’s default settings for the app too, to make sure it’s set to receive the message banners/alerts/dot on your phone too

Below is the explanation of these:
 Green – Free Campgrounds

 Blue – Low Cost (<$15pn pp)

 Purple – Paid (>$15pn pp)

For all other pins, just tap the top right menu to see the list of filters and corresponding icons.

Many of our Campground and Experience listings have a Check Availability option, which allows you to book stays and things to do through the app. The tick allows you to see which listings have the booking option available.

The Map Filter is organised into specific categories. These categories are All Campgrounds, Campgrounds for Self-Contained Vehicles, Campgrounds for Non Self-Contained vehicles, Accommodation, Things To Do (Experiences/Activitives), Food/Drink/Dining, and then many other of our top filtered categories such as Campervan Day Parking,  ATMs, Dump Stations, Public Toilets, EV Charging Stations, Petrol Stations, Groceries, Visitor Information Centres, Police Stations, Hospitals, Public Showers, Playgrounds, Laundromats, Water Sources, LPG Bottle Swaps and more. It is also where you will be able to filter on your “Favourites” and also nearby deals too. There is also a Search Box to type in destinations you are looking for on the map.

There are two ways you can do this.
1. If you have filtered by selecting any of the categories or options that are not within the Campgrounds or Accommodation categories which have the yellow funnel, then you just need to reselect “Everything” to show everything again. 

2. If you have filtered your map by tapping on a filter within the Campgrounds or Accommodation categories, then to deselect the filter, open the right hand filter menu again, then tap on the yellow funnel, then tap on the filters you had previously selected to remove them. 

Each point of interest has a ‘favourites’ option where you can store and save any places you are planning to visit. 
To save a favourite, simply tap the ‘heart’ icon on the top right-hand corner of the listing image

You can then filter the map with all of your ‘favourites’ by selecting the ‘Favourites’ option in the right-hand filter menu. These will also be stored in the top left navigation under My Favourites.

When you tap on the top right-hand menu, you’ll see a filter icon next to accommodation & campground related categories. Once you tap on it, you’ll be able to filter the categories further by minor categories, including ‘Pets Welcome by arrangement’.

Choose the filter and you’re ready to go! Alternatively, just look for the dog icon in the description of the Campground.

Pet-friendly sites shown on the app should be used as a guide only, and pet requests are still subject to approval by the campground management, so checking with them directly is strongly advised. Make sure you deselect any unwanted filters once you’re done as they’ll limit the icons shown on future searches.

Yes you sure can. Once you are in the Details Screen of the particular business or attraction you will see a share icon in the top right of the screen for that POI. Tapping that will enable you to share via a number of different share options. 

In this same app menu you are in now, you will find a heading that says “Share This App”. Simply tap that and it will give you a number of different sharing options to use, such as email, sms, Messenger, Whatsapp etc. 

We offer subscription plans to Holiday Parks and Campgrounds which allow them to list all their info on the app. Paid and low cost campgrounds on a free plan don’t get to display contact details, so these will need to be looked up online.

If the Park does not display contact details, feel free to mention TripTech to the Park owner and tell them they’re missing out on heaps of traffic by not having their contact details showing on the app. We want to keep the app free for you guys, so this is our way of paying the bills and not charging for downloads!

Because Deals are last-minute, they are marketed as non-refundable. All requests for refunds and cancellations are managed at the campground/attraction’s discretion, so please contact them directly for any requests for cancellation. Sellers contact details are in their listing directory. 

Park bookings:
Bookings terms and conditions are individual to the operator and are managed by themselves, not CamperMate. These are agreed to by you in the check-out process. If you need to cancel a booking please contact the seller directly with your request. Sellers contact details are in their listing directory. 

We approve all the comments manually and as long as feedback is constructive and not offensive, we take 2 working days to publish any feedback. We appreciate and value your opinion, but please note that personal comments or references to business owners directly might be deemed inappropriate. Wherever possible, we use the comments to improve the listing with updated info. If your comment is about a pricing change for example, we’ll correct the price but might choose not to publish the comment. Same applies to location, facilities etc.

Our app displays 1 – 5 photos per listing, depending on the plan the listing is on. All suitable photos are added and stored in our library. We periodically review each listing and make sure the photos displayed are the best available ones. Occasionally, you can also find your photos posted on our facebook and instagram pages so give us a follow 🙂 

For those not sure on how to add a photo to a place of interest in the app, you can do it two ways:
1/ At any time you can  submit one by tapping the + icon at the bottom of the navigation tabs. This will open the Add Stuff tab which is where you will need to first search for the POI again and then submit your photos.
2/ If you have opened a POI already and are on the POI Details screen, then you can simply add photos by tapping the add photo icon in the top right of that screen. 

The apps on the TripTech network are translated to German, French and Chinese. If your device is set to any of these languages, the app will automatically show in the language of your device. To view the app in English, simply change your device settings to English

If you own a campground, experience, tour, activity or manage an attraction or any other business or group, big or small, we would love to list you on the app. Please visit to register your interest and view our business plans.